January 12, 2014

HIV-AIDS: Nutritional Component

HIV-AIDs seems to be more on the rise than ever, despite all efforts to combat it. (And no, merely "practicing 'safe' sex" isn't likely to help much... it only takes one time to get infected.)

Obviously, there is one foolproof, sure-fire way to never end up with the virus: Don't be promsicuious, just stick with one sexual partner, as the vast majority of cases are contracted sexually, not inherited or through infected blood supplies/ accidental finger pricks, etc.

However, being faithfully monogamous seems to have been discarded in today's society in favor of jumping into bed with as many people as you want, in constant pursuit of the almighty perfect orgasm. So, if you have it already, one thing that a few studies say might help, is a combination of four necessary nutrients that are severely depleted by the virus: Tryptophan, Cysteine, Selenium, and Glutamine.

My thanks to mercola.com for the article source and link. :)

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