January 14, 2014

Direction of the Blog in future

Hey Guys,  (and Gals :P)

Just wanted to give  a big thank-you to any readers out there, your eyeballs (and comments, do please comment!! :D I won't bite! lol) mean a lot to me, so thanks for reading.

One other thing I wanted to note, is that, for now, at least until I get more readership, (100+ visits per day or so....maybe less, maybe 75, I dunno, depends on how long it takes to get readers)  this blog is going to be kind of a catch-all, for random subjects that I decide to post on. o_0 Once I get 75-100 readers+, I'll take a poll (or just examine the numbers) and see which subjects are the most popular, and just focus on those.

Until then, expect to see posts on topics as disparate as book reviews of my favorite thrillers, political news and commentary, tech reviews, philosophical musings, and personal posts of my real life (Coins! Photos coming soon, I promise. :S Just running into too many tech difficulties...sorry about that guys. :(   In the meantime, please enjoy, and comment on the posts you like/ and/or take issue with the most.

- W. Jonathon B.  AKA the Chai_Guy

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