January 11, 2014

Against "Religous Extremism"? A little Extreme.....

It seems that everyone these days, from Government to news organizations to lobbyists, are all against "religious extremism" and "religious fanaticism". Whatever happened to being against "terrorism"?

Anyhow.... I wouldn't normally have a problem with that, except when most of those organizations use the term, "religious fanatic" = someone with a belief about religion who also happens to think that they are right. Incidentally..... that puts liberals, the Government, and others in the same category.... they all (undoubtedly) have positions/thoughts/ideas about religion, and the all (undoubtedly) think that they are right. But since when have I expected either the Government, or liberals, to act in a logically consistent manner?

Besides all of that, a Buddhist could also quite accurately be described as a "religious fanatic" yet to the best of my knowledge they haven't harmed or threatened anyone yet... nor do they plan to do so.

I think it's high time that politicians, news anchors, and others, all got some guts and admitted it: "religious fanatics" didn't ram two airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon... Islamic Jihadists did. Not Amish, not Christians, not Jehovah's Witnesses, certainly not Buddhists.... but MUSLIMS blew up the WTC.

Good God.... does it take another terrorist attack on U.S. soil before people start waking up again?

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