May 22, 2009

Nothing's the Best...

Here's a great article from the Cato Institute, arguing that the recession has gotten worse because of Government action, not better, and that a policy of stasis would have been better than some of the policies the government has enacted. (bailouts, backing risky mortgages, etc).

May 17, 2009

Islamic Global Jihad...

Here's the link to a YouTube video with some sobering and rather scary statistics on international demographics. (If they're true, that is). 

Why liberals continue to deny that Islam is a radical, non-peaceful, religion, intent on conquering the world (Like they almost did circa A.D. 1400)  is beyond me. Multi-culturalism, moral relativism, and multi-lateral foreign policy will be the death of the United States, if more of us don't start waking up, and doing something about it.