March 13, 2014

Success, Money, and Contradiction

Lately I've been reading a lot of self-help "success" purporting to teach me methods, mindsets, and mantras that will (along with hard work and luck) make me richer. (Actually, given the hard economic times, I imagine that's something that a lot of people are doing besides just myself)

One thing that I realized, though, and thats come to really bother me, is: How come most of these supposed "money gurus" have, upon further inspection, made most of their *own* wealth from selling their own crap on how to get rich???

Example: Kawasaki, Tracy, etc

How come most of these people haven't actually made any money themselves except teaching *others* how they can "get rich"?  You would think that if what they're teaching (re: Selling) actually worked, they would have made millions and multi-millions in something *other* than the Self-Help industry.

Now, in one sense, if they used their techniques to help them sell those same said techniques and got rich that way, it's awfully redundant and tautological but I guess it sort of proves they work. But my point? Why don't they work in any other industry, then?

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